Our Story

The Ong Luthier Workshop was established in 2009 by Ong Ket Wei who trained as a jazz guitarist
under Juan Pablo de Zubiria Rueda at UCSI and as double bassist under Foo Yin Hong and Joseph
Pruesser of the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra.
Pursuing his passion in instrument-making, Ket Wei attended the prestigious Instituto di Instruzione
Superiore Antonio Stradivari (the International School of Violin-making—also known as the
Stradivarius School) in Cremona, Italy, where he studied under master luthier Giorgio Scolari.
Becoming the first Malaysian to gain a diploma from IIS Antonio Stradivari, Ket Wei returned to
Malaysia as its first professional luthier and today, he continues to promote the legendary
Cremonese heritage of instrument-making to Malaysians and others in the Southeast Asian region.
Ket Wei remains an active musician and has played with, amongst others, the Malaysian
Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, the National Symphony Orchestra, Orkestra Radio Televisyen
Malaysia, the Penang Symphony Orchestra as well as numerous smaller ensembles.

Ong Ket Wei

Ong Luthier Founder